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Brand Strategy

The internet grows and proceed day by day, so do we. The new functions allows to reach the client with just one click. Latest technologies and developed platforms are our everyday prove, offering the clients new possibility to develop their business .
Website , other platforms of electronic trade ,blog-s are just the points of departure to create an image coordinated with that offline. Our objective is to create an communication universe that includes all new media means to have the best results.

Mobile App

To exploit the potential of the mobile network,today is in our hands: mobile phones,tablet,metboot allows us to take the information in a easy and a simple way,to be always connected with the network and its functions. Our duty is to offer technical aolution that is functional and efficient from the communicational view point.we are always on search of the new ways to interpret , anticipate and suggesting our client needs.


The electronic trade it is now a consolidated reality and still in progress.nowdays exchanges happen online, sintoms of believing and stable of these communication tools.doesnt exist any product or service that you cant find on Web, very often and easily.

Digital Marketing

The importance of placement of the main exploration engine it is now well known: being on the first page means grouing the visibility and the opportunity to succeed . But web marketing is more than that.the target group analise statistics of the social character are some of the aspects that make this able to succeed.
Today having a clear profile of the client affects all the creation phases and campaigns, till you develop the right massage .Our strategies are complexed from the keyboard to the right platform solution to promote online.


A good hosting platform is needed for a correct function of all the hosting services From the chosen technology to the connection to make possible the access it is needed to configure in a cunning way the environment based on the client specifics. We have a server farm to expect our projects and our clients projects,seguring a efficient and professional service.these structures are able to support traffic and data in a unlimited way,idela for your demands because they are safe.

Brand strategy

Having only a good identity is not enough ,it is needed a profitable strategy to give visibility. An efficient strategy should be diversified and flexible to changes of the environment of the brand , fitting the new requests and suggesting new ways to achieve, specially on WEB.


Writing on WEB has its own rules, special and different from writing media. the network represents its own world, guided by dynamics in wich a news can reach the target costumers immediately and should reach its purpose.our public is applicant,prepared,searches professionalism and doesn’t tolerate gives us support and it is ready to give us comfort.Our WEB copy writers create everyday original content ,online magasin and propriate articles for the online conference.

CRM system

Costumer relationship management: three simple words to organize your company, the relation with it own clients, synchronizing the work processes. A system to ménage every model of the company, adapted with specified demand and that is able to perfect every type of demand that is connected with the management. Big media expert develops solution that is based on specific demands of the costumers, from the simple demands of the costumer to the most complicated demands.

Landing pages

The new bounder of the advertisement is called “ landing page”. These pages aimed to convert the simple visitors to the potencial costumers, focusing at the message that makes easy the contact with the client. The detailed study of the interface and placement of the elements consist to transmit the page into a efficient tool. Big media market study solution and projects campaign based on landing page to reach the maximum of the costumers

Key advertising

These type of promotional activities is connected with words or specific phrases. The study and the analysis of the market make possible to let us know preferences of the navigation. These receive the opportunity of the web marketing strategies till they became commercial tools like “ pay for click (ppc)” and “ pay for actin” . Key words,most of the cases are the main elements to reach sooner the places on google rank, this is what make them valuable. Big media expert make continued searches to chose the more efficient strategies to ménage budget.


When the organic position ant promotional technique are not enough to reach the what we want to, it comes search engine marketing, paid strategies that increase the visibility on web site. These marketing activities should be studied on a detailed way to manage the budget , chosing the target group, localizing them. Sem represents an important incentive for the promotional activity. Big Media expert believe to offer a complete service based on unik demands of the costumers offering consultancy based on the chosen objectives.

Web analysis

Web analytics include all the technical to monitor and measure the data website. Through the study of the traffic and demands it is possible to determine the performance of an website and to organize the tools that are needed to be successful. Thanks to this tools it is possible to see which are the most seen pages and materials , to define the investments and the marketing politics. Big media market insist in the importance of these technical ways.


The quest engines aren’t enough, it is needed specialist to increase the visibility on the internet. our experts know the search algorithms. the professionals SEO plan the online marketing campaigns. Big media expert believe in potential and development of the technician that today are more important to reach the position of the quest engines ,ensures visibility and increased visits.

Social Media

Social network has been a revolution in the history of the internet, based on this it was invented the term web 2.0 . they have been invented as virtual places to separate opinions from experience, but now there isn’t anymore any big or small company that doesn’t benefit from those to communicate with staholder and client. Our experience allows us to analyse the demands of the company and to address in a correct communication with social media visitors.

Email marketing

The promotion through the email is one of the most efficient tools that transmits a message that can be used in a professional way. The abuse on the promotional fields with email, that has the roots on the internet start, has made possible the change of this way of communicating, thanks to the anti spam instruments that forbit and reduse in a considerable way the undesired messages. Email is an private instrument and should respect o communication code that respect the privacy of the custumer and at the same time to reach his intention. Email marketing is a complex and specialized activity that needs to cooperate communication.

Android apps

The new mobile platform of google is ideal to develop the new applications and eidgets. Thanks to the open scourse of the bookstore we offer our costumers solution in a propriate way with different configurations of the hardware to offer our clients escalations and homogeneity in content. The stand alone application or integrated in complect systems,like e-commerce and intran ,exploit the flexibility and potential in a continued evolution of the platforms to study solution and development.

I-phone apps

The new tablet of apple sets everyday innovative standarts in the market of hi-tech : as a communicational agency we are careful with the new tendencies to be lider and to offer our clients services and products that are more developed. The development of eidget ,applications and the platforms that use the potentials of the Ipad ,allows us to expand the offer of the communicatin and to make it more successful the content by adding new features every day.

Content management

Having a potentional public made of thousand users and to not know how to profit from this is a pity.being present In social networks means to be ready to collaborate with people,to do this it is needed to have arguments and to know to present with the right style. Our strategy is to collaborate also with the companies ,to know and understand what we should communicate,not only the text but also videos,photos, events ,we enrich the multimedia content of our client profile.


Social networks are direct and fast, when it is meant for giving the information to our our case the specific tool to give the information is called blog. Inside of a corporate blog or of web magazine can be closer with our client by letting them know our identity and creating a conversation on the most popular themes. One blog is a support for our quest engines.

Online reputation

Have you heard talking about web 2.0 and have you ever asked when it will be the next step? According to the experts ,web 3.0 will be based on online reputation. Every brand should take care of its reputation and its presence on web. On network almost everything is public and the liberty to say what you want is in maximum,so to monitor “sentiment-in” can be hard. But anyway does exist tools that helps us to understand what is said about us,by using the monitor in the comments and feedback and interfering when it is needed.

Facebook apps

Even that new social networks are developed everyday, facebook is still the most popular social network, hundred and thousands of active users in world,a number that is increasing everyday. Facebook is appropriate for different uses and comes everyday with new changes. Brand and companies exploit in the best way this instrument,communicate with their fans not only by writing.


The new bounder of the computing is a system based on spread services in which the last user uses remote application. This allows access in sources while processing and preservation of the information is done on a right way from the server providing safety. Cloud computing is based on converged infrastructure concept, a data server environment that allows to manage easy the applications, fix in a easy way the demand and meets demand.